Published on 08/03/2022 Saint-Louis

Santécom Saint-Louis Project: Launch of phase 4 activities

ENDA Santé and its partners officially launched the activities of phase 4 of the Community Health project (Santé-Com) in Saint-Louis. The meeting brought together the administrative, local and health authorities of the Saint-Louis region as well as community leaders from the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiole. The project teams took this opportunity to present the new areas of intervention for phase 4 of the project to the regional authorities and implementing partners. It should also be noted that information contributing to the facilitation of the implementation was collected from the populations and all partners during this ceremony.

The objective of this new phase is to consolidate the gains made by focusing on strengthening the health system, supporting communities and local actors in identifying and implementing endogenous solutions to meet their own health, hygiene and welfare needs.

The Santé-Com project is implemented in Saint-Louis, in the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiole districts. It is active in various areas, notably Mother and Child Health, Transmissible Diseases, Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health (AYRH), Family Planning (FP), Hygiene and Sanitation.

Several achievements were recorded, the main ones being

  • Rehabilitation and equipment of the Goxu-Mbacc substation;
  • A medical ambulance offered to the health posts of the Langue de Barbarie ;
  • The acquisition of ultrasound equipment;
  • The acquisition of a mobile clinic to strengthen the health service offer;
  • Many midwives in Santhiaba, Goxu Mbacc and Gandiole were trained in the use of these devices;
  • Community leaders trained in the technical aspects of the Integrated Community Action Plan for Health, Hygiene and Sanitation (ICAP);
  • 2000 people enrolled in the Gaal Gui, Bango and Gandiole mutual health insurance schemes.