Published on 18/10/2022

ENDA Santé organizes a series of uterine cancer screening activities in the south of the country

ENDA Santé continues its pink October campaign, the month dedicated to the fight against cancer. Through its CARES project, implemented in Ziguinchor and Guinea Bissau, several awareness-raising and cervical cancer screening activities were conducted in the southern zone.

Initially, the project team extended testing and awareness activities beyond the project's coverage areas, particularly in the health centers of PTA Ziguinchor, Diouloulou, Bignona and Thionckessyl. These activities mainly concerned people living with HIV (PLHIV). A total of 107 PLWHA were screened, including 6 cases of precancerous lesions detected and treated by ENDA Santé teams using thermotherapy.

In addition to PLWHA, ENDA Santé also conducted awareness and screening activities for the general population in Oussouye. In its mobile clinic and in partnership with the Ziguinchor district, the team reached nearly 300 women aged 30 to 72. Cases of precancerous lesions and STIs were also detected and treated on site.

Over 400 women screened during these activities

We always involve the health care providers at the health posts or centers with which we collaborate. It is also an opportunity for us to train them since CARES uses all three cervical cancer screening techniques: HPV test, cervico vaginal smear and UVA/IVL). Saly Camara, midwife at ENDA Santé Ziguinchor. 

Capacity building to enable health care workers to routinely perform cervical cancer screening for good prevention at the local level.

Test and treat is also a reality at ENDA Santé. That is why we often travel with a gynecologist. This allows us to treat cases of precancerous lesions on the spot. For complex cases, we refer to Ziguinchor for a more complete treatment.

Sally Camara, midwife at ENDA Santé Ziguinchor

Another screening activity followed by a panel on cervical cancer, a demonstration of breast self-examination and different forms of gender-based violence was held with students at the Open Digital Space (ENO) of the Assane Seck University in Ziguinchor. It took place in co-sharing with all the projects of ENDA Santé in the south: CARES, FEVE IMPULSE, VIMOS and Territorialized Community Approach to Reproductive Health (ACT/SSR). The activity mobilized nearly 200 people, all of whom were screened and the positive cases taken care of.