Our Mission

ENDA Santé is an international organisation with a regional scope. Its main mission is to accompany populations, particularly vulnerable groups, in the defence of their rights to access information and adequate health services. Taking into account the ethical and gender aspects remains one of the areas in which ENDA Santé will be focusing in the coming years.

In its mission, ENDA Santé reinforces prevention actions and the intervention capacities of local actors. Thus, the organisation has undertaken actions to improve access to and the quality of the services offered(counselling, screening, treatment) but also to strengthen the health system by setting up a cross-border system for the exchange of information and training. In addition, ENDA Santé carries out actions to facilitate and strengthen networking, research and the capitalisation of experiences.

The priorities of the organisation are essentially : 

  • HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis,
  • Community health,
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Neglected tropical diseases
  • Gender-based violence
  • Health and Climate Change and Development
  • Scientific research and training in health
  • Capacity building and support for the development of civil society organisations in health
  • Health Policy and Ecosystem
  • Human Rights and Health
  • Nutrition, food sovereignty and health.