ReCCAP 3 years later

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ENDA Santé strengthens journalists on HIV and human rights issues

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Agenda 2030: climate change and health

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HIV: What solutions for vulnerable populations?

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From Dakar to Praia: Advocating for reinventing the response to HIV

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Health accessible to as many people as possible

ENDA Santé's vision is of "an African society where knowledge-rich communities participate fully in promoting their health in an environment of social justice and equity".


What the actors say

The awareness-raising and psychosocial support activities organised by the FEVE IMPULSE project have helped me to accept my HIV status. I am now taking my treatment regularly.

I have benefited from several training courses. I now have practical knowledge in accounting, administrative management and leadership. I have even benefited from computer training.
Now I can write a text on Word, receive and send an e-mail, which was not possible before because I was wandering and fumbling.

The referent trainers, initiated by the ReCCAP project, had the commitment to multiply the training at the country level by training local actors involved in the response to HIV, but also to initiate innovative research projects for the national response.
With the technical support of ENDA Santé, I wrote two research projects on community PMTCT and community viral load. These have been proposed to different donors who have agreed to fund them.

We called on ENDA Santé to conduct an exploratory study to better understand the factors that influence the use of early HIV testing services among children. We are very satisfied with the seriousness and quality of the work carried out by ENDA Santé.

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