Our story

ENDA Santé is an international non-profit organisation based in Senegal. It is an entity in charge of health programmes within ENDA Tiers Monde, alongside 24 other thematic areas.

The parent organisation, Environment and Development in the Third World (ENDA-TM), was founded in 1972 in Dakar as a joint programme of the United Nations Environment Programme, the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning and the Swedish International Development Organisation. It was incorporated on 27 June 1978 as an international non-profit organisation.

Since 1988, ENDA Santé has been collaborating with grassroots community organizations, governmental and international structures in the implementation of programs to fight AIDS, malaria and to promote community health initiatives in Senegal and West Africa.

In order to strengthen its intervention and face new challenges, the organisation has opened up to other themes, in particular the reproductive health of adolescents and young people and women, as well as gender-based violence.

In August 2006, ENDA Santé received the International Red Ribbon Award, given in Toronto to the 25 best projects in the fight against AIDS. In 2011, ENDA Santé was granted administrative autonomy.

Within the organisation, the story is written by doctors, agricultural engineers, pharmacists, economists, researchers, project management specialists, sociologists and specialists in human resources, communication, social workers but also statisticians, geographers and financiers.

Various profiles, from different backgrounds to contribute to :

  • Access to adequate health information and services for the most vulnerable groups
  • Training, support and knowledge sharing in health and development
  • Improving reproductive health care for women, young adolescents and young people
  • Prevention of gender-based violence and support for victims of GBV
  • The promotion of actions and actors involved in health and development