Published on 12/08/2021

ENDA Santé deploys its mobile clinics for community vaccination against COVID-19 in Dakar

ENDA Santé organised this Thursday, on board its mobile clinics, a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19in Ouakam, a popular district of the capital. This advanced strategy, carried out since August 2, 2021 in areas of high affluence, has allowed to vaccinate more than 1,000 people in the Western District.  

In partnership with Bioforce, Enda Santé has set up the surveillance, community response and impact mitigation mechanism for COVID-19 and other health emergencies. The project is being implemented in Dakar, Thiès and Ouagadougou and involves 40 community actors.

In addition to the medical component, the project held awareness-raising sessions on barrier gestures through talks, home visits, workplace visits, advocacy visits to community leaders and tea-debates with young people.

Moreover, since the beginning of the epidemic, Enda Santé has been supporting the national programmes to fight against COVID-19 by supplying inputs to health structures, training medical staff, raising awareness among the population and distributing antiseptic products and masks. For several months, emergency actions have been initiated by Enda Santé and its partners, in particular  

  • Food support of local products, in partnership with women's groups that the epidemic has slowed down activities,
  • A supply of hygiene products (soap cubes, liquid soap, hydro-alcoholic gels, bleach),
  • An endowment of several thousand masks, made by local craftsmen, which has helped to support the populations most exposed to the coronavirus and to revive the local economy,
  • Orientation of beneficiaries for access to information and continuity of care services,
  • The integration of COVID-19 awareness with HIV awareness during home visits was initiated, with the distribution of HIV/AIDS prevention products.