Published on 24/03/2021

HEALTH EMERGENCIES: New project launched to strengthen community surveillance and response mechanisms

On 22 March 2021, Enda Santé and its partners launched a project to strengthen surveillance, community response and impact mitigation for Covid-19 and other health emergencies.

This project takes place in the context of the health crisis in COVID 19 and its multifaceted impact on the economic and social life of the population. The system is based on community actors and the leading role they played in the fight against the pandemic.

The activities will take place in the districts of Dakar West, Mbour and Ouagadougou and will enable the actors to be equipped with tools for community monitoring and strengthening local responses to Covid-19 and other health emergencies through the following activities:

  • Active participation in the detection, follow-up and referral of cases to health facilities,
  • regular evaluation of service provision and access by community actors,
  • the regular production of updated information on epidemics at EU level,
  • Strengthening local response initiatives to COVID and collaboration with health structures