Published on 27/12/2018

Sokone: Training of management committees for children's granaries

As part of the Lekk Faju project, Enda Santé is organising training sessions for the management committees of the children's granaries. On 15 and 16 November 2018, the project team went to Sokone, in the Fatick region, to draw people's attention to the nutritional value of food in their area.

During two days, the link between a good diet and health was established, but also the factors favouring malnutrition were recalled.
In front of about twenty participants, the facilitators insisted on the importance of consuming local products, of balancing intake and needs, but above all of food diversification.

In addition, the role of the granary management committees was recalled, which is to

  • Raise awareness of the importance and value of the children's granaries
  • Collecting food (from beneficiaries after the harvest) for cooking demonstrations
  • Ensure the frequency of cooking demonstrations and remind people
  • Manage available stocks
  • To keep a record of the activities carried out