Published on 12/01/2024

Reproductive health: ENDA Santé's mobile clinic reaches out to adolescents and young people

ENDA Santé's mobile clinic stopped off this Friday in Tefess, located near the sea at the Mbour fish market. This fishermen's district is characterized by a high population density and a young population with very little schooling. It is also marked by illegal immigration. Many attempt the adventure of reaching European shores by sea, risking their lives for a better tomorrow. We noted 4 departures for Europe among our group of friends," says Babacar, a young man who came to us for a consultation.

In the heart of this challenging neighborhood, ENDA Santé organized a free medical consultation as part of the SANSAS project, implemented by a consortium made up of Solthis, ENDA Santé, RAES, EQUIPOP and LARTES. The main target adolescents and young people, who turned out in large numbers, were given a talk on the theme of intimate hygiene. An inspiring discussion on menstrual hygiene management, sexually transmitted infections, modes of contamination, treatment and prevention. Useful information shared with young girls whose knowledge on the subject is sketchy.

Adama Souané, 21, seamstress, shares her feelings after the talk. I used to hear about sexually transmitted infections, but now I know the signs and modes of contamination. And as soon as these signs appear (itching and/or discharge...), I have to tell my mother so that she can take me to a health facility for early treatment. I received a pack of sanitary towels. This will be a great relief for me this month. It's usually quite complicated to find the money to buy a pack of sanitary towels.

Dior Fall, a second-grade student, is a regular visitor to the mobile clinic. This is her3rd visit. Each time, she is informed of the activity by the local relay, trained by ENDA Santé. I've learned a lot about personal hygiene. Washing hands before and after, the need to use clean water. I'll make sure I apply all this advice to preserve my health. I really enjoy this activity. I hope that all young people, whatever their locality, can benefit from it. We really need it.

The talk has given way to an on-board clinic where integrated RH care is offered: general consultation, RH consultation, sanitary napkin offer (washable and disposable), FP offer, etc.

This is the second time I've had a consultation with the ENDA Santé team here in my neighborhood. I really appreciate this activity. I have benefited from medicines and useful advice for my health.

Ndongo Sylla 13 years old

I suffer from dysmenorrhea. The midwife consulted me and offered me painkillers and a pack of sanitary pads. She gave me advice and showed me how to use the pads (minimum 2 pads during the day and one at night). I was impressed by the quality of the welcome. The midwife made me feel at ease and confident.


It's our parents who encourage us to come for a consultation. In addition to the care we receive, we also get advice on our health.

Serigne Ndiaye 19 years old, fisherman

The ENDA Santé clinic is a mobile strategy that facilitates access to quality healthcare services in remote, difficult areas. ENDA Santé is in charge of providing services and strengthening community players as part of the SANSAS project, implemented in Mbour and Sédhiou and financed by the French Development Agency. This project aims to improve access to reproductive health for adolescents and young people, in particular girls, young women and vulnerable young people.