Published on 21/02/2023

Review of the activities of phase 4 of the SantéCom project: the population is satisfied with the achievements of ENDA Santé

Tuesday, February 21, 2023- ENDA Santé in the framework of the SantéCom project, implemented in Saint-Louis precisely in the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiol organized the final review of phase 4 of this project. 

The meeting, chaired by the representative of the Mayor of the Commune of Saint-Louis and attended by the Regional Chief Medical Officer, the Health District of Saint-Louis, BP, and community representatives including religious leaders, customary, relays, Bajenu Gox (neighborhood godmothers), aimed to review the implementation, the level of execution of planned activities, successes, lessons learned, challenges and prospects.

In a presentation, ENDA Santé reviewed the results of phase 4: community dialogues, the rehabilitation of the pediatric ward of the referral health center, the motorized medical ambulance offered to the Tassiner/Gandiol health post, medical consultation days, capacity building of mutual health insurance agents and equipment for mutual health insurance, capacity building of midwives to perform ultrasound scans, re-registration and enrollment of vulnerable people for mutual health insurance, etc. Very satisfied with the results of phase 4, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to ENDA Santé and its partners.

The rural area presents many difficulties: inaccessibility, resistance, but thanks to the approach of the mobile clinic of ENDA, the villages farthest from the health post benefited from free care and medicines. The communities massively participated in these medical consultation days.

Speaking of capacity building for health care providers, participants returned to the topic of training midwives in ultrasound.

Our pregnant women have their ultrasounds in Gandiol. They no longer need to go to Saint-Louis (15km from Gandiol) and spend the day just to have an ultrasound.

On COVID-19, a beneficiary recalls the support of ENDA Santé. "You supported us in raising awareness through the community dialogues that you organized in the different localities of the project.

This was an opportunity for participants to make recommendations for the next phases. These recommendations focused on strengthening the technical platform of other structures, reinforcing awareness on the importance of mutual health insurance, expanding consultations and circumcision sessions for Talibés in Gandiol, and creating teenage spaces in the health posts of the project's coverage areas, among others.