Published on 13/11/2020

Community response to COVID-19: Enda Santé trains community relays in areas still affected

To respond effectively to COVID-19 and mitigate its adverse effects, impacted countries need greater involvement of competent local partners.   

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to already strained health systems around the world. The NPI EXPAND (New Partners for Better Health) intervention helps countries engage new and under-utilised partners to leverage community structures and provide innovative and scalable solutions to strengthen emergency preparedness and response.   

Strengthening the engagement of local organisations should help foster sustainable and resilient health systems and community responses that can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and prepare for future threats.

The NPI EXPAND activity is designed to increase the availability and use of health services by strengthening the technical and organisational capacity of New and Underused Partners (NUPs) and helping them scale up health innovations.

In Senegal, NPI EXPAND has identified the Association Conseil pour l'Action (ACA) and ENDA Santé as partners for the implementation of this emergency programme in the regions of Dakar, Diourbel and Thiès, with the following objectives  

  • To improve the perception and understanding of the risks faced by the populations of the three regions mentioned above;
  • Promote the adoption of internationally recommended barrier measures adopted in Senegal to curb the spread of the disease;
  • To support local and central health authorities in the identification of positive cases, referral for screening and management according to the standards and procedures in force in Senegal.