Published on 22/06/2021

Wer Werlé project: review of activities to combat malnutrition and promote organic market gardening in Tamba

As part of ENDA Santé's support to the partner project teams of the Horizont3000 Senegal Programme and the transfer of skills for the proper implementation of health-related activities, the Wer Werlé project team monitored activities in the area of the partner APROVAG in Tamba.

The main objective was to review activities to combat malnutrition and promote organic market gardening.

The mission reviewed the key results of the project in this area, which capitalises on :

  • the installation of 09 children's granaries;
  • 112 community meals prepared with the participation of 786 girls, 724 boys and ;
  • 286 people recovered (who had been malnourished) including 123 girls, 116 boys and 47 pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • organic vegetable production with 391 kg in SAL, 345.5 kg in Bady, 5,412 kg in Koulary and 756.5 kg in Nguenn;
  • 2,241,725 CFA francs generated by the sale of part of the production.

During the discussions, several bottlenecks encountered during the implementation of the activities were reported. These included the problem of mobilising mothers in SAL, difficulties in collecting foodstuffs at different times of the year, poor understanding of the roles and responsibilities of some granary management committees, and the lack of cooking equipment for some granaries.