Published on 10/05/2021

Santecom project: Community dialogue sessions and training of facilitators

The Santecom-SL project is a continuation of the project to support the health, social and environmental development of the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiol districts (PADESSE). Implemented by ENDA Santé, this project is funded by BP and its partners Kosmos Energy and Petrosen. It aims to strengthen the local health system and improve access to health services for the population, particularly in the areas of Gandiol and Langue de Barbarie. It also benefits the populations displaced by the advancing sea and resettled in the Diougop site.

The main interventions of the project revolve around:

  • Support for medical equipment to raise the technical level of health care facilities;
  • Capacity building of health care providers;
  • Raising awareness of the population for the prevention of diseases and the improvement of hygiene and environmental conditions;
  • Strengthening and facilitating access to care for vulnerable populations.

Thus, more than a hundred relays from local CBOs have been identified, trained and equipped to conduct awareness-raising activities in the communities.

The main objective of these trainings, held between April and May 2021, was to build the capacity of the facilitators in order to strengthen their commitment and involvement in community health and welfare issues. It was also to strengthen their mobilisation and advocacy skills in order to facilitate the organisation of community dialogue sessions with the technical support of the project team and other partners.