Published on 20/12/2018

Lekk Faju Project: Systematisation of the Fimela high school's support experience

ENDA Santé, with the support ofHorizont3000, has implemented the Lekk Faju project for three years (2016-2018). One of the components of the project is based on an approach to high schools to effectively address the needs of young adolescents in terms of STI/HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy, as well as support for market gardening and environmental protection activities.

ENDA Santé, through its Lekk Faju project, has implemented training, awareness-raising activities and the establishment of school gardens in secondary schools.

As part of knowledge management and sharing, ENDA Santé held a workshop to systematise the experience with the Fimela high school. The aim was to retrace the whole process of the experience with the school and to draw lessons and recommendations for possible replication in other schools.

The objectives of the workshop were to trace and document in a participatory manner the whole process of support to the Fimela high school, but also to document the results of this process as well as the good practices of the intervention with a view to their repercussion in the communities.

The workshop saw the participation of the actors and beneficiaries of the intervention but also of technical and institutional partners through plenary sessions and working groups. In addition, an analysis of the highlights of the experience was made, as well as a capitalisation of the lessons learned.