Published on 10/05/2021

GUEUM SA BOPP PROJECT: Establishment of Income Generating Activities for community associations

ENDA Santé implemented the "Geum sa Bopp" project, funded by OSIWA. This project to strengthen the capacity of three associations works with vulnerable populations organised around associations based in Dakar and Mbour. It has three components, namely capacity building, financial empowerment and the creation of a framework for dialogue between community actors. The establishment of these Income Generating Activities (IGA) was motivated by several factors. Firstly, the treatment of vulnerable populations in the fight against HIV/AIDS makes it difficult to take into account their needs in relation to their other medical conditions. In addition, the need to set up professionalising activities was expressed by the community associations for financial autonomy.

Thus, a collective IGA was set up for the three associations. The project team developed strategies based mainly on the mobilisation of actors, training and capacity building. For several months, the beneficiaries received training in project management and leadership.

The work of ENDA Santé:

Throughout the process of setting up the IGA, the project team positioned itself in an inclusive and participatory logic with the associations. The latter have been responsible and involved throughout the design and management of the IGA. Committed to the associations, ENDA Santé has :

  • Developed the necessary modules for organisational capacity building of associations according to the needs expressed
  • Organised and led training courses on topics such as project management, team management, communication and IT
  • Facilitated access to additional funding and supported the purchase of equipment and inputs (chicks, feed, vaccines etc.)
  • Follows up on the IGA for start-up and implementation

At the end of the associations' support, several effects were noted on a personal and professional level:

  • An acquisition and/or improvement of the technical know-how in poultry farming of the members involved; 
  • Increased mobilisation of members ;
  • Strengthening the leadership and cohesion of association members;
  • Better team management, communication and accounting management.

The members of the associations were able to share their experience with their peers in Touba, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring, Bignona and Kafountine.


"I was able to find an occupation and financial motivation".

"I offered to manage the henhouse as I was already living on the site where it was to be located. The colleagues accepted my proposal and assigned me another member to assist me with the tasks. For the first flock, I took in 300 two-day-old chicks. I fed them, took care of them until they were 5 to 6 weeks old and then I slaughtered them. The sale went well, after which we introduced a second flock of 350 chicks. For me, the henhouse was a success because we started from scratch. Now we have built a henhouse with equipment on our own site. It was also a great experience for me because I was able to find an occupation and a financial motivation.

"We are now aware that the future can be different

"I used to visit the henhouse twice a week to check on the progress of the animals, the cleanliness of the place and to get news about the association. I saw an activity that was working and that I was proud of. We set up an income-generating activity that allowed the association to revive. Now I am aware that the future can be different because I have confidence in us now. The association has money in the bank thanks to the activity. I have benefited from several trainings. And I now have practical knowledge in accounting, administrative management, leadership, finance and computers."