Published on 19/05/2021

Child malnutrition : Consolidation of the Management Committees of the Children's Granaries in Popenguine

In partnership with the Popenguine Health District, the WERWERLE project organised a capacity-building session for the management committees of the child granaries. In its mission of community-based management of malnutrition, the Wer Werlé project has set up 33 granaries in the Popenguine health district in order to ensure better nutritional intake for children under the age of five.

The project works to improve the nutritional knowledge of the population, to adopt behaviours favourable to good nutrition and to research and produce food with high nutritional value. The training, which took place at the Popenguine health centre, was attended by the thirty-three granaries of Popenguine and the district management team. 

The overall objective of the workshop was to raise awareness among the management committees about their roles and responsibilities. For each granary, a collection plan was drawn up, based on the specificity of each locality.

In the course of the discussions, several issues were addressed, such as the identification of good practices and bottlenecks for the proper functioning of the granary.

Furthermore, the importance of data collection and feedback was stressed. The workshop also provided an opportunity to draft and amend a quarterly activity plan for achieving results.