Published on 08/17/2023

Mali: Luxembourg reaffirms its commitment to populations most vulnerable to HIV and its support for the FEVE IMPULSE program.

From 07 to 12 August 2023, an ENDA Santé supervision mission was organized in Mali as part of the implementation of the FEVE IMPULSE program. The program also supports innovation, through a 45,000 euro grant for the ENDA Mali-Fédération Malienne des Personnes vivant avec un Handicap (FEMAPH)-le Réseau Malien des Associations des Personnes vivant avec le VIH/SIDA (RMAP+) consortium. This grant is intended for the design of tools, training of healthcare staff and field activities aimed at people living with disabilities (visual, hearing, physical, etc.). The mission provided an opportunity to follow up on interventions in the field, to discuss with project beneficiaries and to make recommendations regarding the implementation of the two projects. The Head of Cooperation, Ms Galatée Fouquet, underlined the interest of the Innovation Fund's project "Projet d'amélioration pour l'inclusion du handicap aux services de la santé sexuelle et reproductive et VIH/SIDA (PAIH-SSR/VIH) for the most vulnerable people.