Published on 14/02/2019

Fight against HIV: Health providers invited to be more professional in the care of key populations

In all countries where data have been collected, key populations are more likely to be infected with HIV than the general population. They have higher morbidity and mortality rates and less access to HIV services. Although HIV prevalence and incidence are high among these populations, the coverage of prevention interventions remains fragmented, both in terms of information and support services and products for risk reduction, and in terms of care itself.

In Senegal, with the support of development partners, enormous efforts have been made to maintain low HIV prevalence in the general population.
However, the majority of health workers do not have the opportunity to participate in capacity building sessions that would enable them to properly address the specific sexual and reproductive health needs of key populations.

As part of the implementation of the Paris City Hall programme, in partnership with Coalition Plus and the City of Paris, Enda Santé held a capacity building workshop for service providers on STI and HIV prevention and care for key populations from 06 to 08 February 2019.
This workshop aims to build the capacity of health providers on prevention and care of key populations on STIs and HIV based on the experience of participants.

Specifically, the following were discussed:

  • Remind people about the different types of STIs and how to treat HIV/AIDS
  • Remind people of the syndromic STI management algorithm
  • Strengthen providers on personalised communication and confidentiality
  • Equip providers with the syndromic STI treatment algorithm
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