Published on 29/03/2020

Fight against the coronavirus: Delivery of health equipment to the departmental hospital of Mbour

ENDA Santé, through funding from the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, handed over medical equipment to thedepartmental hospital of Mbour on 29 April 2020. Committed to working alongside communities to ensure access to quality healthcare for the most vulnerable, Enda Santé and the Luxembourg Cooperation are supporting the fight against the coronavirus in Senegal, in particular by strengthening the medical facilities of local and national health structures. The equipment provided consists of  

- personal protective equipment,

- examination gloves,

- of thermo flash, and

- surgical and FFP2 masks.

In view of the evolution of the COVID 19 pandemic, and in particular the increase in cases of community transmission in Senegal, this support in terms of material and protective equipment will strengthen the system put in place at the departmental hospital of Mbour.  

ENDA Santé supports local dynamics to scale up the community response to COVID to address community transmission. In collaboration with local tailors and craftsmen, the organisation has produced thousands of masks which are distributed free of charge to people in highly vulnerable areas.  

In Dakar, Mbour,Saint-Louis, Ziguinchor and Kolda, ENDA Santé works with associations, citizens' movements, the Badiénù Gokh and local authorities to set up individual and collective prevention actions (free distribution of disinfectant gels, soap and communication materials). These strategies are implemented with local communication, in order to reduce the stigmatisation of patients and their families.