Published on 23/11/2020

Fight against COVID-19: Several awareness caravans to prevent a second wave of the epidemic

ENDA Santé is continuing its community response to the coronavirus. Through the New Partnerships Initiative EXPAND (NPI Expand) project, the organisation has held several awareness-raising caravans on barrier actions to stop the epidemic.

With the support of the health districts and community relays, these activities took place mainly in the regions of Dakar, Thiès and Diourbel, still affected by the disease. For several hours, the teams visited areas where community cases are still being recorded.

A visit to the field revealed that the population is becoming less compliant with the application of barrier measures, in particular the wearing of masks and the respect of social distancing. On site, the community relays reminded the importance of hand washing and the preservation of the health of the elderly, who are more at risk. Several awareness-raising posters were made at the hot spots.

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