Published on 19/09/2022

Fight against malnutrition: Alima's commitment to her community

"I work for my community. I am not paid but I gain knowledge and experience. Also, the fact of accompanying and helping children to find a better health is fulfilling and sufficient for me", says Alima, community relay in Honkoma, a village located in Sindia, a few kilometers from Mbour.

Alima is a young lady, only 32 years old, but she has conquered her community, namely mothers and children aged 0 to 5 years. Always taking care of the little ones, she devotes her days, her nights, her life. 

She was chosen as a Home Health Care Provider (HHCP) by the health post in her area as part of the National Malaria Control Program. Given her commitment and the encouraging results obtained in her village, the head nurse of the health post proposed her to work with the NGO ENDA Santé in the framework of its Wër Werlé project for the nutrition component. Her skills were reinforced and expanded to other themes, notably malnutrition in children aged 0 to 5 years by ENDA Santé. "The organization of culinary demonstrations has been entrusted to me. Every month, I go around the houses with the other members of the granary to collect condiments that are used in the preparation of the meals, and then I prepare a dish with local products that are nutritious and healthy for the children and their mothers. 

This intervention implemented by ENDA Santé through Wër Werlé, aims to recover malnourished children but also to promote and adopt good cooking practices by mothers for a better nutritional intake in households.

Alima was also trained by ENDA Santé on agroecology for a healthy crop without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The product of the harvest is used to feed the granary. Today Honkoma has a small market garden where lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra... are grown. 

In high demand, Alima devotes her daily life to her community by providing primary care, referring sick children to the health post for early treatment. "Mothers come to me in the morning, in the evening, and even in the middle of the night to ask for advice or first aid. It doesn't bother me, on the contrary, it makes me happy to help my community.

Alima reassures us that her presence gives hope, especially to the children. "I am happy that my actions are appreciated by the children, the mothers and the whole community. This always motivates me to move forward. 

Among "his children", one particularly marked him. It was little Ousmane: "He had a fever. I took his temperature and gave him paracetamol. The next day I accompanied his mother to the health post, which continued the treatment. The child, who was already feeling better, told his mother: "As soon as Alima touches me, I feel good.