Published on 11/17/2022

The success of the ENDA Santé mobile clinic in SANSAS

ENDA Santé's mobile clinical approach is, along with the other interventions of the consortium members, a flagship activity of the SANSAS project. The actors our teams met in the field appreciate this approach and believe that "it is an appropriate response to the health care needs of adolescents and young people in the Sédhiou region.

In less than a year of implementation, it has proven to be a key component in the provision of RH services to adolescents and youth in this region, where this target group faces issues such as female genital mutilation, pregnancy and early marriage, and unmet reproductive health needs.

 Last September, we conducted three clinical visits in the health district of Sédhiou, one to the health center and two to the CCA. With the mobile clinic of ENDA Santé, we consulted and gave free medicines, sanitary towels and advice to adolescents and young people.

Aminata Seck, Master midwife at the health center of Sédhiou

Bounkiling, a locality located a few kilometers from Sédhiou, is one of the 15 health care delivery points. Here, 7 clinical outings have been organized but already the effects of these interventions are noted by the District's master midwife.

Nearly 3,000 adolescents and young people consulted on board the ENDA Santé mobile clinic

Female genital mutilation, unwanted and high-risk pregnancies are real difficulties in the area, but over the past year, with the project's activities, we have noted a decrease in unwanted and high-risk pregnancies in this district and in the other health care delivery points. The clinic only intervenes in 5 zones in the Boukilling district, we want these activities to be extended to other localities so that all adolescents and young people can benefit from them.

Fatou Fall, Master Midwife at the Bounkiling Health Center

Médina Wandifa is another service delivery point. Our teams attended a service delivery activity at the health post. And there, it was the young leaders who mobilized their peers for the ENDA Santé mobile clinic. Most of the teenagers are students, and despite the vacations, they came in large numbers to be consulted in the clinic.

"My parents really appreciate the services offered by the ENDA Santé mobile clinic. That is why as soon as the mobile teams come to the health post, I come for a free consultation. There I received medicines, a package of sanitary napkins and I benefited from advice on menstrual hygiene management. Adama Cissé is a student in the3rd grade at the high school of Médina Wandifa.

ENDA Santé's mobile clinic approach is a real success in the Sédhiou region. The District Chief Medical Officer Diabel Dramé, the midwives, the RH coordinators and the young leaders explain this success by the integration of the services offered, its mobile, inclusive and participatory approach.

In sum, between January 2022 and July 2022, 53 clinical visits were made, including 25 in Sédhiou, 25 in Goudomp and 7 in Bounkiling, during which 2,936 adolescents and youth were consulted.