Published on 07/25/2023

Joal- Fadiouth: Darou Salam granaries set up and equipped to combat malnutrition

Children's granaries are a concept that ENDA Santé has been experimenting with since 2016 on the Petite côte, (Popenguine, Kirène, Ndayane, Kiniabour ...). They play an important role in the fight against malnutrition by promoting community involvement and participation in the management of malnutrition in children aged 0-59 months as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Following satisfactory results, ENDA Santé decided to extend the concept to Joal-Fadiouth, in particular the Darou Salam 1 and 2 districts.

Darou Salam is a populous district of Joal-Fadiouth where cases of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) are reported among children. Some pregnant women are also suffering from anemia, according to midwife Ami Mbaye, who works in Darou Salam. This represents a danger for the mother and a bad start for the baby.

Joal-Fadiouth is a fishing town with a wealth of fish products and nutrient-rich foods for children and pregnant and nursing women. Ignorance of good cooking practices and the adoption of poor eating habits are partly to blame for the malnutrition observed among this segment of the population.

ENDA Santé has been active in the area for several years, particularly in the field of environmental health and agroecology. At the request of the district medical officer, the NGO has decided to expand the granaries, particularly in the Darou Salam neighborhoods.

Kitchen utensils received and 2 Attic Management Committees set up

2 granaries were set up and equipped. The equipment, comprising kitchen utensils, was received by the 2 granary management committees, in the presence of the entire community, the mayor's representative, the Joal-Fadiouth health district, women members of the women's groups, the Bajenu Gox (neighborhood godmother), representatives of ASCs, the imam and delegates from 2 neighborhoods. The granary management committees, whose composition takes into account the various representatives of the community, will be in charge of collecting foodstuffs or money in order to organize the culinary demonstrations. On the menu is a rich, varied and balanced diet for children aged 0-59 and their mothers. An opportunity to remind women and the community of good culinary practices, and to raise awareness of the need for behavioral change to preserve children's nutritional status. This activity is coupled with an awareness-raising session on a health theme: malaria, the importance of ANC and ONC, exclusive breastfeeding, vaccination, etc.

We would like to thank ENDA Santé for the quality of the partnership, which has lasted over 10 years. For the attics, the Town Hall is committed to accompanying and supporting the actions. For the collection, we are also willing to participate and make it work.

Saliou Sarr, representing the Mayor of the Commune of Joal-Fadiouth.

ENDA Santé supports women's groups in organic market gardening. This activity complements the granaries.

I call on the whole community to make the attic their own. The attic goes beyond the members of the GIE and we're going to welcome the other members of the community. A

wa Diagne president of GIE Saagal sa Jeukër.

Yakhara Pouye, Bajenu Gox, who came to share the experience of the Ndayane granary, pleaded for inclusive participation by the whole community.

Go and see the fishmongers, the Town Hall, the local Sports and Cultural Association (ASC), people of good will, and get organized so that the activity is sustainable".

The granary management committees will set up a solidarity circle for pregnant and breastfeeding women, in partnership with the health post. This will provide support for mothers and newborn babies. In addition, every 3 months, community feedback on the culinary demonstrations will be organized. This will be an opportunity to evaluate and present the results obtained, the challenges encountered and suggest possible solutions.