Published on 10/05/2019

Youth and risky behaviour: Mbour authorities join in awareness-raising

On the occasion of a Health Forum on the management of HIV and sexual violence on 02 May 2019 in Mbour, the ENDA Santé office has invited health professionals including the coordinator of the Ambulatory Treatment Unit, a Head Nurse, midwives and social workers, but also the Commissioner of the Mbour Central Police and representatives of the Mbour City Council.

The day was also attended by students from the Lycée Demba Diop in Mbour, who were made aware of drug use, risky sexual behaviour and the regulatory role of law enforcement agencies.
Trained on early pregnancy and HIV-AIDS a few weeks earlier, the student leaders were able to share their knowledge through a short presentation on the modes of transmission of HIV-AIDS.
The day was also marked by a presentation of Enda Santé's projects and programmes, its mission and its vision.

Located less than a hundred kilometres from the capital, the city of Mbour is a zone with a particular profile. With an important fishing port, proximity to Dias international airport and the seaside resort of Saly, Mbour is a corridor for transporters from neighbouring countries.

In light of this situation, Enda Santé very early on implemented projects related to health and development, in particular sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and the environment. Over the years, the organisation has carried out interventions in Mbour that mainly target populations with several forms of vulnerability: health, economic and social.