Published on 04/01/2019

Greniers de l'enfant: Nioro du Rip and Kafrine host a formative supervision mission

Through its Lekk Faju project, Enda Santé has set up committees to manage the children's granaries.

To evaluate the activities carried out by the latter, a formative supervision mission was sent to Nioro and Kafrine. From 20 to 25 November 2018, it was a question of specifying the role of granaries in the community management of malnutrition but also to recall the factors that promote it.

The discussions also focused on the planning and implementation of cooking demonstrations, as well as the state of play of the collection, the daily food routine, the daily shares and the importance of water.
The granaries concerned were those of Nianghène, Dienghène, Keur Massamba Codou (Nioro) and Ségré Gata (Kaffrine).

During this meeting, the interpenc project officer recalled the important role played by Enda Santé, both for organic agriculture and nutrition. The valorization of these experiences has contributed to the acquisition of funding from KAWOLOR (USAID) for a period of five years, with a test phase of 07 months (June 2018 to end of December 2018).

Different themes were developed during the cooking demonstration sessions, namely: vaccination, malaria, malnutrition, prenatal consultations and weighing.
Each cooking demonstration is based on food diversification and is accompanied by a talk. Certain themes such as sharing, the interest of tasting on the spot, and hand washing were also the subject of a talk.

At the end of the formative supervision mission, a summary meeting was organised with the interpenc.

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