Published on 04/11/2019

FEVE Senegal: Free consultation day at the Malian garage in Rufisque

Enda Santé, in partnership with the district of Rufisque and the management team of the Malian garage of Rufisque, held a general and gynaecological consultation day in mobile strategy on Saturday 26 October 2019. The day was organised as a mobile strategy, offering HIV testing services: counselling and guidance for the adoption of safer behaviours.

To do this, three (03) midwives and a general practition er were mobilised, along with two (2) social workers and a team of relays.   

The Malian garage in Rufisque is a transit site for truckers who travel the Bamako-Dakar-Kaolack route to other countries in the sub-region to transport goods.

During busy periods, many truckers can park there to complete administrative procedures and continue their journey. At the end of the day, nearly 100 truck drivers and female vendors received HIV counselling and agreed to be tested. All participants were informed of their results.