Published on 26/01/2023

ENDA Santé offers a medical ambulance to the Tassiner/Gandiol Health Post through the SantéCom/Saint-Louis project

Monday, January 23, 2023 - The commune of Gandiol received from ENDA Santé a medical ambulance, as part of the SantéCom project, financed by BP and its partners Kosmos Energy and Petrosen for the benefit of the Tassiner Gandiol post. The reception ceremony was attended by the Sub-Prefect of the Commune of Saint-Louis, the Mayor of the Commune of Gandiol, the MCD, the ICP of Tassiner/Gandiol and the communities who came in large numbers.

This donation was made within the framework of phase 4 of the Santécom project, implemented in the districts of Langue de Barbarie and Gandiol and aims to improve the health of the populations.

The municipality covers 23 villages with an estimated population of 25,496 inhabitants, some of which are far from the health post. It is in this health context that the project intervenes, where despite the efforts and progress made in recent years, access to essential health services, especially for women, children and other vulnerable populations, remains a challenge.

Upon receiving this donation, the Mayor of the Commune thanked ENDA Santé and BP for this active collaboration, which has enabled his commune to strengthen the technical platform of the health post. For the operation of the ambulance the Mayor made commitments.

The municipality will provide the health post with a driver and will pay for the running costs of the ambulance, fuel and maintenance.

Mayor of the Commune of Gandiol

The ambulance turns the page of medical evacuations on board of clandestine cabs and other non adapted means of transport and their tragic consequences.

We lost a lady last month due to a delay in evacuation to St. Louis because of a lack of ambulance.

Cheikh Falilou Sow, ICP/Tassiner

A preventable maternal death of course if the referral conditions were available, adds the ICP. Fatou Khol, president of the health commission and also Bajenu Gox is already delighted.

From now on, the ambulance will be able to travel within the commune to the villages furthest from the station if necessary to evacuate patients to the hospital in Saint-Louis.

Significant improvements in the provision of quality health services will certainly be observed in the commune, to the great satisfaction of the communities. They hoped that the project's actions would continue and be extended to other localities in order to reinforce the efforts made by the public authorities to improve the health of the communities.