Published on 04/05/2021

ENDA Santé launches new organisational development project for women in vulnerable situations in Dakar

ENDA Santé is implementing a new project: Organisational development of the association of women in vulnerable situations in Dakar. This initiative, supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), follows on from the "Geum Sa Bopp" project, the results of which inspired the implementation of this new project, which is aimed solely at women in vulnerable situations to better take into account their specific health needs and the involvement of their association.

The aim is to support the organisational development of these women's associations through mobilisation, capacity building and the establishment of an associative dynamic based on real commitment. This 18-month project will take place in Dakar and will primarily target women leaders who are active in harm reduction in order to encourage their ownership of the project and to strengthen their leadership and association management capacities. 

It will also reach members of the association "Femmes Engagées" and other women in vulnerable situations in the Dakar region.