Published on 10/12/2018

ENDA Health involves Community Based Organisations

Like the parent organisation, Enda Santé very early on developed a relationship of trust with the community organisations, with respect for and valuing of their knowledge and know-how as its pillars.

This historic and long-lasting partnership is all the more solid as it constantly seeks to strengthen their capacity and support their scaling-up activities.
In this sense, Enda Santé is committed to strengthening the organisational and technical capacities of its partners. Thus, the targeted areas are organisational strengthening and institutional development, administrative and financial management and technical areas according to the programme.

This reinforcement contributes to the empowerment of actors but also responds to the concern for the sustainability of interventions. Consequently, Enda Santé's approach is often based on "Doing" for the implementation of programmes.

In 2006, the programme developed with vulnerable groups will be awarded the "Red Ribbon Award" for the 25 best community projects in the world.

Today, ENDA Santé identifies itself as a community-based civil society organisation and is strengthening its ability to decentralise its interventions in order to better fight AIDS, malaria and invest in Reproductive Health, Equity, Gender and Human Rights.

As health is a transferred competence, it is important to promote indigenous mechanisms for community health management by the people themselves.