Published on 13/04/2020

Coronavirus: Distribution of several hundred masks and soaps in Guinaaw Rail and Grand Yoff (Senegal)

ENDA Santé is continuing its commitment to community actors and local authorities to strengthen social mobilisation and individual and collective actions in response to COVID. Our teams intervene primarily in neighbourhoods in large urban areas where the risk of community transmission is real.

Scaling up the community response to COVID to address community transmission

On Wednesday 23 April 2020, the commune of Guinaaw Rail in the suburbs of Dakar, the Badienou Gokh and the ENDA Santé team carried out community awareness-raising and free distribution of antiseptic products and masks made by craftsmen.

Each person sensitised received a kit containing a soap, a mask and instructions for use. Actions were carried out mainly at the level of the health post and the points of affluence where the populations timidly apply the barrier gestures.     

ENDA Santé will provide support to local associations and dynamics in order to maintain a strong and sustainable community mobilisation.