Published on 07/10/2022

Living environment: ENDA Santé leads the way in Darou Salam

In Darou Salam, a neighborhood of Joal, field observations have shown that the provision of hygiene and sanitation services is almost non-existent. The inhabitants of the neighborhood throw household waste next to their houses, on the ground, creating multiple illegal dumps.

Faced with this situation, ENDA Santé, through its Wër Werlé project, financed by Horizont3000, has set up a hygiene and sanitation committee in collaboration with the municipality. The Committee is led by the neighborhood's Sports and Cultural Association (ASC) through its environment committee, in collaboration with women's associations, religious leaders and other community actors in the neighborhood. The Hygiene and Sanitation Committee, which is a need of the population, aims at improving the living environment of the Darou Salam neighborhood and its surroundings.

After the committee was set up, ENDA Santé organized capacity building sessions for the members of the management committee. It also supported us with animal-drawn rolling stock (4 carts), says Matar Lô, president of the hygiene committee.

We then recruited young collectors and drivers who ensure the collection from households and the deposit of waste in the landfill indicated, informs Matar Lô, president of the Hygiene Committee. 

Nearly 600 households are benefiting from the project and for its sustainability, households have been asked to contribute 1,000 francs per month per household. After 14 months of implementation, Darou Salam has changed its face. No more uncontrolled dumping, no more smoke escaping from the piles of garbage.

We were used to having cases of respiratory and skin diseases. Now our children are getting better and better.

In addition to having an improved living environment, Darou Salam has succeeded in mobilizing youth around environmental issues. The youth are aware of the issues and are working to address the environmental challenges of the neighborhood. At the same time, this project has provided a job for a number of young people who receive a small financial incentive each month.

The example of Darou Salam has attracted other neighborhoods in the city that want to benefit from this same device. The president of the committee hopes to achieve this goal. He says he is ready to share the experience of ENDA Santé with other localities.