Sexual Violence and Genital Mutilation in Senegal (ViMoS) Phase II


Since 2014, the NGO ENDA Santé has been implementing the VIMOS project (Sexual Violence and Genital Mutilation in Senegal) in Casamance (Ziguinchor, Sédhiou and Kolda) with an opening to neighbouring countries (Gambia and Guinea Bissau). Funded by the Luxembourg NGO SAN ACCES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the project aims to contribute to national efforts to combat gender-based violence (GBV), in a context where the seriousness of GBV on the long-term health of victims is beginning to be recognised as a major public health problem. In this context, a regional centre for information, reception, care and reintegration of victims has been set up in Ziguinchor.


Promote a favourable environment for the improvement of the health and well-being of young victims of violence, particularly sexual violence, in Casamance (Senegal) and in neighbouring countries (Gambia, Guinea Bissau).

Sector of activity

Gender-based violence

Implementation period

September 2018-December 2021

Beneficiary population

  • Women victims of violence
  • Adolescent girls who are victims of violence



Adolescent girls and young people

sensitized on RH and GBV


Regional information, care and reintegration centre for GBV victims built in Ziguinchor