Community Health / Saint-Louis  


The Santécom Saint-Louis project is the continuation of the Support Project for the Health, Social and Environmental Development of the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiole districts (PADESSE). It is a project implemented by ENDA Santé in partnership with community leaders (Bajenu Gox, neighbourhood councillors, grassroots community organisations, young leaders and health care providers). Financed by BP and its partners KOSMOS Energy and PETROSEN, the project is active in Saint-Louis in the Langue de Barbarie and in Gandiole and responds to the needs raised by communities and health actors to improve the living conditions of the population in terms of health.


To contribute to the improvement of access to and use of quality health services for the populations of the Langue de Barbarie (LDB) and Gandiole.

Sector of activity

Community health

Project status

In progress

Implementation period

February 2019- December 2022

Beneficiary population

  • Populations of the Langue de Barbarie and Gandiole
  • Community-based organisations
  • Care providers
  • Bajenu gox
  • Neighbourhood Councils
  • Religious leaders
  • Daaras