Platform for accelerating the impact of maternal and neonatal health projects in the Saint-Louis region


Set up in 2018, the Rawal Ak Diam platform contributes to the improvement of maternal and neonatal health and the fight against health inequalities in Saint-Louis. In localities such as Rao and Diamaguène, where many obstacles to maternal and neonatal health persist (lack of transport, difficulty in accessing reproductive health care, poverty), the Rawal Ak Diam platform is an innovative project that can provide solutions. Funded by the SANOFI Foundation, with the technical support of ENDA Santé, Rawal ak Diam encourages multi-actor partnerships and the co-creation of innovative solutions at the local level with and for communities, in order to meet the specific health needs of women. Rawal ak Diam is based on three pillars: from awareness to commitment, attractiveness of the base of the health pyramid and empowerment of women.

Overall objective

Adapting high-impact local solutions to the complex issue of maternal and neonatal health in Rao and Diamaguène in Saint-Louis.

Sector of activity

Sexual and reproductive health

Project status

In progress

Implementation period

June 2021- December 2022

Beneficiary population

  • Women of reproductive age
  • Mothers-in-law
  • Maris
  • Members of associations
  • Women's groups
  • Providers
  • Customary leaders