Published on 19/01/2024

60 members of watch and alert committees trained in good governance, SRMINIA, FP, nutrition, WASH and CMU.

ENDA Santé organized a simultaneous orientation session in Guédiawaye, Yeumbeul and Keur Massar on December 19 and 20, 2023, on health governance and the fields of SRMINIA, FP, Nutrition, WASH and CMU. This activity is part of the Urban Health project, implemented by a consortium led by PATH and other partners including OpenDev, AcDev, ASPS (Alliance du Secteur privé de la santé du Sénégal) and ENDA Santé, financed by USAID/Senegal.

The activity took place over 2 days in the 3 districts covered by the project, in collaboration with the Regional Health Department. It mainly targeted members of watch and alert committees, made up of spokespeople: Imams, neighborhood delegates, traditional communicators, youth leaders, local press, cultural players, local elected officials, all with different profiles, enriched by new ideas, collaborations and experiences. 48 actors from the 3 districts received training in SRMINIA, nutrition, water hygiene and sanitation, CMU and local health governance.

The various components of SRMINIA (maternal, neonatal and adolescent reproductive health) were clarified, as were the concepts of good governance and leadership. It was also an opportunity for essential discussions on the social realities that affect people's health (rumors about vaccination, FP, harmful dietary practices for pregnant women and newborns).

The participants also raised a number of health-related issues in the project areas. (Difficult access to health care, low uptake of mutual health insurance schemes, the need to improve technical facilities, the need to improve reception and orientation in health care facilities, late recourse to care, non-use of health care facilities, particularly by adolescents and young people, and the effective participation of health care players in local decision-making bodies.

What awaits the watch and warning committees...

A number of challenges have been identified, calling for action in the areas of advocacy, awareness-raising and mediation, etc. Committee members, aware of their mission, welcomed this orientation session.

It has enabled us to increase our knowledge and skills on the themes of good governance, SRMINIA, etc., with a view to lobbying local authorities to take account of community concerns. We also need to capitalize on this knowledge to improve our interventions with communities through the outreach activities we carry out in collaboration with the district and other partners.

Fatoumata Fall, committee member and deputy mayor of Keur Massar Nord

Ms. Fall concluded her speech by calling on all members to take ownership of the committee. For her, each member must play his or her part.

Appreciating the training, Makhfou Gueye, president of the Keur Massar community players' platform, expressed his satisfaction, especially with "the module on good governance.

It taught us about the principles of good governance: participation, responsibility, transparency and accountability all make sense to me now.

The Watch and Alert Committees thus act as a link between the community and healthcare providers. The aim of this interaction is to provide answers to the problems identified both within health structures and at community level, so that the provision of care is more accessible and of better quality.

Mr. Ousmane Sow Trainer provides committee members with an overview of next steps, including:

  • draw up an operational plan,
  • measure indicators ;
  • regular follow-up;
  • have strong leadership that enables members to implement this planning.