Published on 20/01/2023

3 questions to Amadou Tidiane Sadio, IST technician at the CCA of Sédhiou about the SANSAS project

Can you describe your work at the CCA?

The Adolescent Counseling Center is a structure that brings together different age groups of the youth of Sédhiou. We have set up a system of girls' clubs and peer educators who carry out activities in the field, but also put in place innovative strategies that are appropriate to the problems of our community in order to raise awareness about reproductive health. We offer services (talk activities, VAD) with relays. To this end, the CCA has a midwife, a biologist, an STI technician, a coordinator and counselors who each play a specific role within the structure.

How is the collaboration between the CCA and ENDA Santé through the service delivery activities of the SANSAS project?

A few months ago, we started offering services to adolescents and young people with ENDA Santé through the SANSAS project. ENDA Santé provides us with the mobile clinic, which comes to the CCA with its teams and inputs, medicines free of charge for a service offer. I would like to emphasize that for the consultations at the CCA, ENDA Santé involves our midwife and our young relay girls that the organization has trained.


What is the ultimate goal of your actions?

The goal is to sensitize as many young people as possible about the different scourges and also about access to reproductive health for adolescents and young people. The other objective is to bring autonomy to young girls so that they can take care of themselves in order to realize all the potential that is in them.