Published on 02/02/2023

25 health actors trained on leadership and governance

A training of trainers workshop was held in Pikine in the Dakar region from January 25 to 27, 2023 for health actors from Community Based Organizations and Civil Society CBO/CSOs. The meeting was organized by the Association of Women Doctors of Senegal (AFEMS), a sub-recipient of the Health Governance Pool, whose lead is provided by the international NGO ENDA Santé within the framework of 3CAP Health, funded by USAID.

The CBOs/CSOs are not sufficiently equipped to exercise the role of monitoring the admissibility of policies and the health system. This is why, as part of the implementation of the project's strategy 2 activities, it was planned to conduct training on leadership and governance for these actors.  

Teachings and learning focused on in-depth discussions and analysis integrating the knowledge and experiences of participants through presentations, group work and brainstorming. The objective was to strengthen the beneficiaries in order to contribute to the improvement of the governance of health action at the level of all civil society organizations (NGOs and community-based organizations) and governance structures.

10 trainers to duplicate the training in the 5 regions where the project is implemented

25 health actors from the 5 regions (Dakar, Thiès, Saint-Louis, Kaolack and Ziguinchor) actively participated in this training and were strengthened on leadership and governance. 10 trainers among the beneficiaries will in turn organize training sessions for other organizations in the project's intervention regions.

3CAP Santé is a consultative co-creation framework launched in October 2020. It brought together more than twenty civil society organizations and led, by consensus, to the establishment of a network called Cadre de Concertation, de Coordination et d'Actions de Plaidoyer de la société civile pour la Santé au Sénégal (3CAP Santé).